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Tilt bucket reformed

90° Tilt Range

The use of single acting displacement cylinders with solid spears eliminates the risk of bending or breaking, particularly in harsh conditions while offering 45 degrees of tilt in each direction.
Our Tilt Bucket fills to maximum capacity with ease providing greater efficiency and productivity levels for the operator.
The addition of our Smart Valve makes for simple plumbing and integration with any excavator’s' hydraulic system but, more importantly, enables correct holding force and relief pressure to apply at all times.
Rib provides extra strength reducing cutting edge deflection - great for working on hard surfaces reducing chatter lines. Our minimal rib design results in maximum strength whilst adding little weight to the bucket.
The new smooth top design on the interior of the bucket complete with anti-hang bevelled plates in the corners and around the rib has been engineered to reduce sticking material allowing a full bucket load with every scoop.
Bevelled edges on both the bottom cutting edge and side edges at 450 Brinell Hardness reduces friction, increases power and significantly extends the life of your bucket.
All Calibre buckets have tapered sides allowing for clean cutting.
Designed at an angle to assist loading into trucks reducing bucket spillage and improving productivity.

Superior Performance - More Volume, More Breakout Force, Less Fuel

Time and reliability have given their stamp of approval to our Tilt Buckets ideal for a machine primarily doing scraping, levelling and loading jobs. Using the same patented double ram design as our Ram-Tilt quick hitch, the Tilt Bucket is a durable and effective shaping tool. The use of single acting displacement cylinders with full-size rods/spears eliminates the risk of bending or breaking, particularly in harsh conditions while offering 45 degrees of tilt in each direction. The rams are set at an angle to help deflect soil build up on the top of the bucket and so minimise any risk to the rams.

The Tilt Buckets are built from high-quality steel and designed for maximum strength and efficiency.  By opting for the rib in the design - instead of ribless - the bucket is very lightweight, without compromising strength and durability. The use of tapered sides removes most of the arguments associated with spoils becoming clogged in the bucket and difficult to empty.

For 12 ton and upwards the sides and back have wear strips and there is an option for all sizes to have a “Bolt on Edge”. The Tilt Bucket has a minimal number of service points that are very accessible for maintenance - but at the same time positioned out of the way, to stay well protected. The addition of the Calibre Smart Valve dramatically improves the efficiency, maintenance and operation of the bucket whilst giving the operator the feel of total control.



Heavy Duty Use
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Tonne Range


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Tilt Range


Maximum Breakout Force
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3 years


The Ultimate Holding Force Test


Eastern Earthmovers tests the holding force on their Calibre Tilt Bucket and were very impressed with the results.

Tilt Bucket in Action