Ribbed Wide Bucket

Wide bucket
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Wide bucket

Easy Fill and Max Volume

Our Wide Bucket fills to maximum capacity with ease providing greater efficiency and productivity levels for the operator.
The Wide Bucket is manufactured from high quality steel to maximise durability, toughness and longevity.
Rib provides extra strength reducing cutting edge deflection - great for working on hard surfaces reducing chatter lines. Our minimal rib design results in maximum strength whilst adding little weight to the bucket.
The new smooth top design on the interior of the bucket complete with anti-hang bevelled plates in the corners and around the rib has been engineered to reduce sticking material allowing a full bucket load with every scoop.
Bevelled edges on both the bottom cutting edge and side edges at 450 Brinell Hardness reduces friction, increases power and significantly extends the life of your bucket.
All Calibre buckets have tapered sides allowing for clean cutting.
Designed at an angle to assist loading into trucks reducing bucket spillage and improving productivity.


Our new and improved Calibre Wide Bucket has been designed to increase the performance of the machines geometry - optimizing overall efficiency. It is produced to the highest quality to provide you with a durable and reliable option to stand up to the toughest conditions.



Heavy Duty Use
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Tonne Range


Light Weight
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Maximum Breakout Force
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1 year


See the Sure-Grip with Wide Bucket In Action


We went out on site to see A.M. Earthworks putting our new Sure-Grip Coupler to the test!