Sure-Grip Fabricated Coupler

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Sure grip
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Sure grip

Product Features

  • Simple, automatic pick up
  • Proven design and easy maintenance
  • Improved fuel economy and machine performance
  • Increased versatility
  • Straight forward hydraulic requirements
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With our original couplers having revolutionised the industry, we’ve since heard of the number of customers seeking couplers without a multistep process requiring additional time and costs. Introducing Calibre’s new Sure-Grip Coupler, manufactured and designed with a front and rear locking mechanism that allows for a simple one step connection and disconnection process benefiting all in the industry. 

The new easy-to-use design offers the simplest of all dual locking mechanisms with a quicker and more intuitive attach and detach then any on the market today. The low profile and light-weight structure is designed to ensure break-out forces are optimised, improving fuel economy and enhancing productivity – beneficial to both light weight and heavy duty attachments.

Manufactured from high grade steel, the coupler now only requires two hoses to connect with the machine. The Sure-Grip coupler has hydraulic operation pressure now rated up to 5100psi, a direct connection with all OEM hydraulic circuits meaning no additional need for customer plumbing requirements.

The simple mechanism locking systems are of simple and safe operational use. The emphasis on safety is undoubted as the coupler is manufactured to meet compliance beyond Australasian work standards.


Safety Latch Demonstration

Safety is endorsed with the new Sure-Grip Coupler as demonstrated in the clip above - with the slide jaw disengaged from the rear pin of the coupler, it is purely the safety latch holding the bucket.




6T - 45T


  • The Sure-Grip Coupler is compliant with the latest New Zealand and Australian Standards AS4772-2008 and assures safety.
  • Rather than just testing the Lifting Eye, the full Sure-Grip structure has been designed and tested to handle 200% of rated Working Load Limit (WLL).