Tilting Couplers

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Product Features

  • Narrow configuration
  • Tilt range 120 -180 degrees depending on size
  • Our Multi-Coupler incorporated in the design
  • Is fully compliant with all industry safety requirements and regulations including those introduced January 2016
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The first tilting couplers were the Ram-Tilt Couplers developed over 20 years ago. While the Ram-Tilt Coupler is well proven and has a solid place in the tilting attachment hierarchy, there was demand for a tilting coupler that had a greater range than the 35 - 45 degrees of the Straight Ram and that could operate in confined spaces which the angular construction of the Ram-Tilt inhibits. The Calibre Heli-Tilt was developed to answer this demand and complement the Ram-Tilt Coupler.

Critical to effective Heli-Tilt actuator design is correct power to weight ratio of the actuator itself and the geometry of the coupler - actuator housing. There are a number of competing strains at work that can create problems for the Heli-Tilt.

We have pioneered this work and after more than 15 years working on it, Calibre has established a proven design that is built for the Australian and New Zealand conditions. We believe we have achieved the lowest possible profile that can work with the actuator style tilting hitch to minimise the loss of breakout force commonly associated with tilting couplers.

Covering the full range of excavators from the compact 1.5 ton machines up to 38 ton models,  the tilting capability ranges from 180 degrees at the 8 ton level, 120 degrees at the 12 ton level  up to 134 degrees at the 16-38 ton level. The huge attraction of this Heli-Tilt Coupler is that its width is close to the width of the dipper arm. This is ideal in confined spaces such as digging narrow trenches.

Helical teeth on the internal spline interlinking with matching teeth on the piston - engaged with hydraulic pressure - converts linear pressure into powerful shaft rotation. No external moving parts and hydraulic overload protection reduces maintenance issues.

Choosing your Tilting Device

The purchase of any tilt coupler warrants careful consideration of the functions the tilt coupler is expected to perform.

The Heli-Tilt Coupler is ideal in conditions where space is confined and rotating flexibility is important - and as such - it is an important part of our tilting coupler range.  However, while it is robust, the very nature of the actuator setup means that some thought has to be given to using the Heli-Tilt where it is planned to use more aggressive attachments such as Rock breakers and other such equipment.

Provided equipment such as a Rock Breaker is of an average size, matched to suit the weight class of the machine there will be no problem in using such attachments with a Heli-Tilt Coupler - but problems can emerge where maximum permitted and outsized equipment is used.

Choosing your Multi-Coupler Configuration

There is a price difference in the Heli-Tilt Multi-Coupler range depending on whether you choose a Front Locking Only configuration or a Front and Rear Locking configuration.

To understand the features and benefits of the Multi-Coupler incorporated in the Heli-Tilt Coupler go to the appropriate presentations on Front and Rear Locking Multi-Coupler and Front Locking only Multi-Coupler.





Safety Operations Manual 


  • Front & Rear Locking - Prevents Detach and Swing