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Low Profile

Low profile and light-weight structure ensures break-out forces are optimised, improving fuel economy and enhancing productivity. Lower and lighter than any competing actuator tilt in the market the Heli-Tilt has the lowest possible profile.
The narrow configuration of the Heli-Tilt actuator is no wider than the boom arm making it ideal for working in confined and difficult hard-to-reach spaces without compromising its strength and durability.
The Heli-Tilt offers maximum dexterity for when precision is paramount. Tilting capability ranges from 180° at the 8T level, 120° at the 12T level and up to 134° at the 16-35T level.
Helical teeth on the internal spline interlinking with matching teeth on the piston - engaged with hydraulic pressure - converts linear pressure into powerful shaft rotation.
The addition of the new Sure-Grip Base allows a one-step connect and disconnection process, establishing a fast and intuitive attach and detach mechanism for smooth operational use.
The full Heli-Tilt structure has been designed and tested to handle 200% of rated Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) with a verified design. An individual certification certificate can be issued as an optional extra on request.
The use of GPS systems with the Heli-Tilt enables better accuracy and control from the cab.

25 years in the making, the most sophisticated tilting coupler on the market

Manufactured from high-quality steel and designed for work demanding rotating flexibility, the Heli-Tilt follows a robust design to ensure productivity is maximized and fuel costs are minimized. The huge attraction of this Heli-Tilt Coupler is that its width is close to the width of the dipper arm. This is ideal in confined spaces such as digging narrow trenches. Alongside compatibility with GPS systems, the Heli-Tilt Coupler comes equipped with the latest in quick hitch technology, the new Sure-Grip Coupler. The addition of the Sure-Grip allows a one-step connect and disconnection process, establishing a fast and intuitive attach and detach mechanism for smooth operational use.

Tilting ranges from 120°-180° depending on the Heli-Tilt size. No external moving parts and hydraulic overload protection reduces maintenance issues.

The purchase of any tilt coupler warrants careful consideration of the functions the tilt coupler is expected to perform. The Heli-Tilt Coupler is ideal in conditions where space is confined and rotating flexibility is important - and as such - it is an important part of our tilting coupler range.  However, while it is robust, the very nature of the actuator setup means that some thought has to be given to using the Heli-Tilt where it is planned to use more aggressive attachments such as Rock breakers and other such equipment. Provided equipment such as a Rock Breaker is of an average size, matched to suit the weight class of the machine there will be no problem in using such attachments with a Heli-Tilt Coupler - but problems can emerge where maximum permitted and outsized equipment is used.



Tonne Range


Tilt Range

up to 180°

Low Profile
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Light Weight
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Front and Rear Locking
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3 years

Speed of Connection

1 stage

GPS Compatible
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Fully Compliant
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Diggaworx test the Heli-Tilt Performance Package


Find out why the Heli-Tilt is owner operator, Paul Berry of Diggaworx's attachment of choice when buying the best.

The Heli-Tilt Performance Package


See the Heli-Tilt in Action


Heli-Tilt Customer Testimonial


In the midst of Coromandel, New Zealand – watch as the Heli-Tilt Performance Package is used for a variety of applications. Experience the difference for yourself and demo the Heli-Tilt Performance Package for free.

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