Tilting Couplers

Calibre ram tilt 01
Calibre ram tilt 01

Product Features

  • Increased Breakout Force
  • Simple Robust Design
  • Twin Displacement Cylinders
  • 90 Degree Tilt Range
  • Simple Automatic Pick-up
  • Compliant Front & Rear Pin Safety Mechanism
  • Multiple Pick-Up
  • Certified Lifting Eye
  • Improved Holding Torque
Speed of Connection
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Our Ram-Tilt Coupler has a long and proven track record for reliability and durability especially when called upon in heavy duty applications.

The key to the reputation of this excavator coupler is its simplicity in design and function. We use single acting displacement cylinders with full size rods to eliminate the risk of bending or breaking - particularly in harsh conditions. This feature also minimises the loss of breakout force all while allowing 45 degrees of tilt in each direction. Induction hardened pins and replaceable bushes are used. All of these features make our Ram-Tilt  Coupler a highly efficient, simple, bullet proof excavator attachment.

Whilst it generally looks the same as the previous tilt coupler model, in the recent upgrade the Ram-Tilt Multi-Coupler has been virtually redesigned to improve performance, to fit the new Multi-Coupler bases - both the front and the front and rear double locking - and incorporate the proprietary Calibre Smart Valve. Particular attention has been given to service and maintenance issues - such as locating grease points to ensure that the grease on the central pin is delivered to those load bearing surfaces.

The Calibre Smart Valve has overcome many of the hydraulic plumbing issues associated with various machine manufacturers’ hydraulic configurations. The result is a straightforward installation process that eliminates many of those “bugs” that are often encountered when a machine is being set up.

Specific features of this excavator attachment include -

  • Upgraded urethane absorbers at the top of the rams to cushion the force on the cylinders.
  • Folded and machined components to strengthen the tilt – and improve looks.
  • Drop of the front pin to increase the breakout force.
  • Inclusion of the Calibre Smart Valve. This new hydraulic valve developed by our R&D team not only makes for simple plumbing and integration with any excavator’s' hydraulic system but, more importantly, enables correct holding force and relief pressure to apply at all times – regardless of machine set up.
  • Designed and developed a new Multi-Coupler base for the Ram-Tilt. Derived from the successful 1F Multi-Coupler there are front and double locking options available – and there is also a retrofit option for those who decide to go with the front lock at this point in time.

Choosing Your Excavator Tilting Device.

The purchase of any tilt coupler warrants careful consideration of the functions the tilt coupler is expected to perform.

The Ram-Tilt Coupler is ideal in open conditions where a 45 degree tilting capability is adequate. If you are using a wide or mud bucket most of the time, the wider twin cylinder set up of the Ram-Tilt Coupler is not really a hindrance.

The simplicity of the design and parts means that there is very little that can go wrong or break down - important where remoteness is a consideration.

Its robustness means that it can handle heavy duty attachments with ease. If your requirement is for heavy work such as heavy contracting, mining, demolition or quarry work in rugged, open terrain the Ram-Tilt Coupler is the tilting device of choice.

The Calibre Smart Valve Excavator Attachment.

Click here to read about the features and benefits of the Calibre Smart Valve that is incorporated in the Ram-Tilt Coupler.





The Ram-Tilt Coupler incorporates the Multi-Coupler auto safety mechanism that meets Australian and New Zealand Standard AS4772-2008 and does not require an additional safety pin. The Ram-Tilt Coupler has undergone independent analysis that confirms it comprehensively satisfies the requirements of Australian & New Zealand Standard AS4772-2008 Earth-Moving Machinery - Quick hitches for excavators and backhoe loaders. It also complies with recently introduced NSW regulations that require that both Front & Rear locking mechanism is in place to lock coupler onto the attachment - ISO 13031:2016


Details of compliance are as follows:

Front & Rear Locking Safety Mechanism

  • Auto-lock safety system ensures retention of the attachment to the Ram-Tilt Coupler in the event of failure of the primary retention system by mechanical and positive means
  • Safety latch once engaged is retained and clearly visible from operators cabin
  • Safety lock mechanism is in addition to the primary latching system
  • Prevents attachment from both detaching and swinging from Ram-Tilt as rear lock mechanism holds rear pin in place.

Lifting Eye

  • Safe lifting capacity tested and clearly expressed in kilograms
  • Entirely of the Multi-Tilt Coupler structure has been designed and tested to handle the Safe Working Load not just the Lifting Eye itself
  • Each unit is individually certified against a strict manufacturing process


Front Locking – Prevents Detach only