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Low Profile

The Ram-Tilt has been reduced to the lowest possible height resulting in maximised break-out force, improved fuel economy and enhanced productivity whilst reducing strain on your machine.
Ensures low operating and maintenance costs whilst making it particularly suited to heavy duty applications such as heavy contracting, mining, demolition or quarry work in rugged, open terrain.
The addition of the Calibre Smart Valve makes for simple plumbing and integration with any excavator’s' hydraulic system but, more importantly, enables correct holding force and relief pressure to apply at all times – regardless of machine set up.
Increased versatility from your machine with the ability to tilt 45 degrees each way from the centre.
The addition of the new Sure-Grip Base allows a one-step connect and disconnection process, establishing a fast and intuitive attach and detach mechanism for smooth operational use.
The full Ram-Tilt structure has been designed and tested to handle 200% of rated Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) with a verified design. An individual certification certificate can be issued as an optional extra on request.
Fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand Standards, AS4772-2008 and NSW Workcover WC01158. EN474-5 Standards and ISO 13031 International Standard.

A bulletproof tilting-hitch ideal for heavy duty application

Our Ram-Tilt Coupler has a long and proven track record for reliability and durability especially when called upon in heavy duty applications.  The key to the reputation of this excavator coupler is its simplicity in design and function. We use single acting displacement cylinders with full size rods to eliminate the risk of bending or breaking - particularly in harsh conditions. This feature also minimises the loss of breakout force all while allowing 45 degrees of tilt in each direction. Induction hardened pins for excellent load bearing and wear resistance. An integral Pivot Tube adds strength to the pivoting mechanism. Replaceable bushes are used. All of these features make our Ram-Tilt  Coupler a highly efficient, simple, bullet proof excavator attachment.

The addition of the Calibre Smart Valve has overcome many of the hydraulic plumbing issues associated with various machine manufacturers’ hydraulic configurations. The result is a straightforward installation process that eliminates many of those “bugs” that are often encountered when a machine is being set up

The Ram-Tilt Coupler is ideal in open conditions where a 45 degree tilting capability is adequate. If you are using a wide or mud bucket most of the time, the wider twin cylinder set up of the Ram-Tilt Coupler is not really a hindrance. The simplicity of the design and parts means that there is very little that can go wrong or break down - important where remoteness is a consideration.

Its robustness means that it can handle heavy duty attachments with ease. If your requirement is for heavy work such as heavy contracting, mining, demolition or quarry work in rugged, open terrain the Ram-Tilt Coupler is the tilting device of choice.



Tonne Range


Heavy Duty Use
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Tilt Range


Low Profile
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Speed of Connection

1 stage

Maximum Breakout Force
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Front and Rear Locking
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3 years

Fully Compliant
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Robust, double-locking and compliant.


We caught up with both the owner of JDG Civil, Connal Hanvey and one of JDG Civil's longtime operators, Michael Collins to see if the Calibre Ram-Tilt Coupler has met their expectations out on the field.

Ram-Tilt Customer Testimonial


We went out on site to visit Matt Holtom from Holtom Drainage using the Calibre Ram-Tilt. He loved his first Ram-Tilt so much that he bought a second one with the full Ram-Tilt Performance Package for maximum efficiency

Ram-Tilt Performance Package in action