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Low Profile

Low profile and light-weight structure ensures break-out forces are optimised, improving fuel economy and enhancing productivity.
The world's first tilting coupler to incorporate circular hydraulic rams which are in fact curved or ‘bent’, a patented revolutionary design which improves maintenance, durability and reduces fuel consumption.
Increased versatility from your machine with the ability to tilt 50 degrees each way from the centre.
The only tilting coupler that has constant torque at any tilt range ensuring maximum force throughout allowing for precise operator control.
The addition of our Smart Valve makes for simple plumbing and integration with any excavator’s' hydraulic system but, more importantly, enables correct holding force and relief pressure to apply at all times.
The Toroidal-Tilt is composed of fewer moving parts compared to other tilting mechanisms allowing for easy servicing of the actuator even whilst on the machine.
The addition of the new Sure-Grip Base allows a one-step connect and disconnection process, establishing a fast and intuitive attach and detach mechanism for smooth operational use.
The full Toroidal-Tilt structure has been designed and tested to handle 200% of rated Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) with a verified design. An individual certification certificate can be issued as an optional extra on request.
Fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand Standards, AS4772-2008 and NSW Workcover WC01158. EN474-5 Standards and ISO 13031 International Standard.


The award-winning Toroidal-Tilt Coupler is the first in the world of its kind, a patented toroidal ram-style coupler with curved rams. This revolutionary design changes the way hydraulic rams are perceived in the industry. After more than 10 years of extensive research and development, the Toroidal-Tilt comes inclusive of a number of technologically innovative features, including twin displacement cylinders that are in fact ‘curved’ as well as Calibre’s Smart Valve Technology which protects the Toroidal-Tilt from high-pressure spikes and allows precise control and improved holding force.

Available to customers with the latest Sure-Grip Coupler base, the toroidal actuator boasts constant torque output at any tilt angle and allows for precise operator control. The Toroidal-Tilt enables the tilting of attachments 50 degrees each way (100 degrees in total) adding complete versatility to your attachments.



Tonne Range

6, 14, 20

Heavy Duty Use
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Tilt Range


Low Profile
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Speed of Connection

1 stage

Maximum Breakout Force
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Front and Rear Locking
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3 years

Fully Compliant
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The Ultimate Tilt Hitch


Introducing our award-winning Toroidal-Tilt. Setting a new standard for the modern day excavator.

Introducing the Toroidal-Tilt


With a patented toroidal actuator – the first in the world of its kind – the Toroidal-Tilt Coupler from Calibre went on to win the Best Innovative Product at the Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo for 2017. The revolutionary tilting coupler showcases twin toroidal displacement cylinders that are curved or ‘bent’, as well as Calibre’s ‘Smart Valve’ technology.

The Robotic Scoop - Toroidal-Tilt


As one of the most superior of our Performance Packages to date, the Robotic Scoop compromises some of the most revolutionary attachments from Calibre - the innovative Calibre Toroidal-Tilt Coupler and Calibre Wide Bucket – a perfect combination of attachments that work seamlessly together.