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Know Your Attachment - The Heli-Tilt Coupler

Calibre Contracting Equipment

25 years in the making, the Heli-Tilt is the most sophisticated and safest tilting coupler on the market.

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Which Calibre tilt will maximise your performance?

Calibre Contracting Equipment

With a tilting coupler designed to suit every application out on the field, find out which one will maximise your performance..

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Maximising machine performance with increased breakout force

Calibre Contracting Equipment

The most important feature that we take into consideration when designing our tilting hitches is reducing the height of the coupler to the lowest possible profile... resizeimage

The Heli-Tilt Coupler - Built stronger, lasts longer.

Calibre Contracting Equipment

Watch as the Calibre Heli-Tilt is designed, manufactured and tested beyond working limits - then sent out into the field to be put to the ultimate test by the operators. 

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The Safety Latch Test - Calibre Sure-Grip Coupler

Calibre Contracting Equipment

Our Sure-Grip is compliant beyond the latest Australasian and International safety standards and is considered to be one of the safest couplers on the market today but don't just take our word for ...

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The next generation of earthmoving attachments

Calibre Contracting Equipment

Our Toroidal-Tilt represents the next generation of earthmoving attachments and is a complete step up from current style tilting hitches on the market

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Toroidal-Tilt | The Perfect Tilt Hitch For The Modern Day Excavator

Calibre Contracting Equipment

Praised for its innovative curved ram technology, the award-winning Toroidal-Tilt is the first in the world of it’s kind and a complete step up in the tilting level.

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The Calibre Sure-Grip Coupler

Calibre Contracting Equipment

The long awaited Sure-Grip Coupler from Calibre - click here to see it in action!