It’s never an easy decision when it comes to purchasing the right excavator equipment. A lot of different factors can come into play. When it comes to tilting hitches - choosing the right tilt hitch can seriously improve your machines performance although choosing the wrong one can equally degrade the performance of your machine.

Calibre develops a full range of attachments, although they specialise in tilting devices, with a mission to satisfy every tilting demand required by an operator. One of Calibre’s core attachments is the Heli-Tilt Coupler - which has seen a growing demand over the years, especially across the Australian Portfolio.

The Heli-Tilt Coupler took a number of years to configure – the research and design team at Calibre worked hard to ensure that the Heli-Tilt had the perfect weight to strength ratio and geometry in the field. Over the years, Calibre tried bolt on’s, longer linkages and heavier couplers and one by one discarded them as they experienced outright failures and low performance.



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