Andy Meekings has been in the earthmoving and construction industry for approximately 38 years – originating from a background of bulk machinery, excavators, dozers and scrapers, Andy is now the proud owner of A.M Earthworks. Calibre recently caught up with Andy onsite at one of his projects in Northcote Point, Auckland to discuss his thoughts on his newly acquired Sure-Grip Coupler.

Andy has purchased a range of Calibre products over the years, with his most recent purchase being the Sure-Grip Coupler to work alongside his Calibre Wide Bucket. When asked why Andy chooses to purchase from Calibre, he answered ‘’…I’ve been with [Calibre] from the start… I like to use the right [equipment] and you seem to have it...’’

The new Sure-Grip Coupler is the latest from Calibre, designed to epitomise beauty in its simplicity, the Sure-Grip Coupler allows for a one-step connection and disconnection process, embracing the latest quick hitch technology on the market. The Sure-Grip is designed with a quick and easy attach and detach mechanism so that changing working attachments is intuitive. Andy notes the robustness of the Sure-Grip Coupler mentioning ''...it's not bulky, it’s small [and] strong but light-weight, [the Sure-Grip Coupler] has a small tongue on the front which makes it easier to pick up the bucket…’’



Paired with a Calibre Wide Bucket, the Sure-Grip Coupler makes a perfect combination of attachments that work seamlessly together. Calibre Wide Buckets are constructed with high quality steel designed to improve fuel efficiency and improve breakout force, Andy stated that his Calibre Wide Bucket ‘’….is brilliant’’, he also notes that the Calibre Wide Bucket saves fuel costs and ‘’...with other buckets you have to run the machine on high rev's to get it working properly but with this one, you don’t…’’

When asked whether Andy would recommend Calibre products, he said ‘’…Oh absolutely, I’d recommend these products because I’d like to help other people out there on the field using the same products that I am..'' ‘’…[Calibre products] are a lot easier on the machine with more productivity, smaller, easier to use and less things go wrong…’’

For more information on the Sure-Grip Coupler or how you can trial one today – contact us here.



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