For the last 30 years, Raglan Excavations has become the leading business in the farming, infrastructure and construction industries in Raglan, New Zealand. We recently caught up with Lee Poolton from Raglan Excavations to discuss his thoughts on his Calibre Heli-Tilt Performance Package at one of his recent projects.

Having been in the industry for over 18 years, it is clear that Lee Poolton has an extensive knowledge when it comes to earthmoving attachments. Lee’s Heli-Tilt Performance Package has provided the perfect combination of attachments for his projects. Lee notes; ‘’the Heli-Tilt gets everything lined up really well and just gets your cuts bang on…’’ ‘’it makes my job really easy…’’

The Heli-Tilt Performance Package consists of the Heli-Tilt and Calibre Wide Bucket which has been redesigned to provide superior breakout force efficiency, increased volume and reduced material sticking. Lee mentions; ‘’… [the Wide Bucket] doesn’t block up like other buckets I’ve used…’’ …so I don’t have to get out with my spade and clean it out as much as I used to…’’

Click the video above to see what else Lee had to say about the Heli-Tilt Performance Package!



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