The Ram-Tilt Performance Package - '' It just makes life so much easier''

Following in his father's footsteps, operator Matt Holtom of Holtom Drainage has acquired a keen interest in the earthmoving industry.  Initially, Holtom Drainage purchased the Calibre Ram-Tilt Coupler to suit their 20T machine – after quickly noticing the improved productivity and enhanced machine performance, the company came back and purchased another Ram-Tilt Performance Package for their 14T machine.  

We recently caught up with Matt to see how his Ram-Tilt Performance Package was performing on site in Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Holtom Drainage, which specialises in a range of landscaping and drainage services in Auckland, has found that the Ram-Tilt is an essential tool for a range of applications, especially for digging trenches on any sort of terrain.

The Ram-Tilt Performance Package consists of the Ram-Tilt Coupler with the new Sure-Grip Coupler base and the Calibre Wide Bucket – a durable combination able to withstand demanding conditions out on the field.

Click the video above to see what Matt had to say!

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