Family owned business, Rock and Rubble are based in the wider Auckland Region of New Zealand. Since established, the company has built a reputation for themselves by providing high quality, efficient services with unbeatable prices.

Using the Calibre Ram-Tilt Coupler, Rock and Rubble have shifted more than 2000 tons of dirt during a site expansion project in Avondale, Auckland. We caught up with the operator, Thomas Flemings of Rock and Rubble during the final stages of the project - to discuss his thoughts on how the Ram-Tilt performed.

When it comes to getting the job done as quickly as possible, the Calibre Ram-Tilt Coupler has shone among other couplers for Rock and Rubble due to its sheer robustness and durability.

As Thomas of Rock and Rubble puts it, "The Ram-Tilt has been really efficient, we’ve moved a hell of a lot of dirt in a short amount of time...’’

With the addition of the new Calibre Sure-Grip Coupler, the Ram-Tilt now has improved connectivity allowing for a simpler ease of use for operators. This provides Rock and Rubble with a faster connection and disconnection process.

Thomas of Rock and Rubble and company owner, Mark are extremely pleased with the Ram-Tilt Coupler’s performance. Thomas notes; “...The Ram-Tilt tilts fast and is accurate with what it does...’’

See what else Thomas has to say on the Calibre Ram-Tilt Coupler in the video above!



For more information on Rock and Rubble, visit their website here.

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