When I purchase a new car, I also get the new tires that will maximise the performance of that car. You might say that is obvious - no one in their right mind would buy a new high performance car and swap the old tires from their existing car to the new car, nor would they go out and choose new tires for their new car simply on the basis of what is cheapest.

When it comes to excavator attachments and a new high performance excavator, swapping old attachments or buying the cheapest attachments available is quite common.

Why compromise the revenue earning capability of the new machine and operator by failing to have the attachments that can enhance the machines performance?

Operating an excavator is not easy. Experienced operators take time to develop a ”sense and feel” that enables them to perform feats of earthmoving, trench digging, land clearing, drainage work, demolition and the like, with efficiency and speed.

For newer operators, undertaking these tasks and operating efficiently are difficult challenges to master. Fleet operators can’t simply rely solely on hiring experienced operators either. New operators are the future of the excavation business. However - with a new operator, learning how to master an excavator takes time. Mistakes of learner excavator operators can cost contractors money in lost time, wasted labour, and increased fuel consumption.

This is where Calibre attachment technology comes in. By smoothing out the quick coupler, tilting and working attachment process into highly responsive and precise movements, at the hands of the operator, the integrated Calibre attachment technology can turn inexperienced operators into skilled ones in a shorter period of time. This can help improve the yearly profits that owners make.

In the hands of experienced operators the lift in performance from using the Calibre attachment technology is phenomenal. Skilled operators have that essential understanding on how to move and manipulate materials, work the site and improve the efficiency of their operation. Having lightweight, precise technologically advanced attachments makes the whole job that much more efficient, quicker and more pleasant to perform. This all translates into higher revenue for owners.

Graham Smolenski

Group Managing Director

Calibre Contracting Equipment

















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