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Introducing the new Calibre Price Book - July 2017

In introducing the latest Calibre Price Book for 2017, we are introducing a number of new products and services that will help our customers improve efficiency and productivity.

The new Price Book reflects Calibre’s move towards:

  • Innovative technology rather than minimal pricing,
  • Emphasis on compliance and safety – such as properly certified lifting eyes.
  • Greater customer service commitment – such as the twelve-month replacement policy.

The worldwide move to massive infrastructure replacement and development needs more efficient and productive attachments that reduce operating costs for contractors. The repair and replacement of attachments need to be “swap and go” as contractors avoid down time of expensive machinery. Attachments need to function with fingertip ease and precision to help quickly train new operators and rapidly lift their productivity. It is in these areas that Calibre is focusing its energy as a specialist attachments provider.

This innovative work does not come without costs in R&D, testing in the field and gearing up for commercial production. It all adds to the cost to make innovative, well designed and robustly manufactured products that must be covered.

We are fully aware that Calibre is near the top end of the price range but we know that our innovation, customer support and quality of build will give the customer a pay back considerably greater than savings on cheaper competitor product. We believe that when a customer does the math on Calibre's innovation, compliance and ease of service- all of which increase productivity that improves the bottom line profitability, Calibre is considerably cheaper than the cheapest of competitor products.

We look at the great technological advances being made to the latest excavators and we can see how attachments can be made to enhance those advances even more. Thus our commitment to introducing hydraulic – robotics to complement the work being done with excavator development.

All of this work, combined with the costs of highly skilled teams and purchasing the very best components all adds to our costs. We are conscious that the new pricing will put us above some competitor pricing but we have to rely on our customer base to recognize the extra mile we go to improve their efficiency and performance.

If you want a copy of the Calibre Price Book - July 2017, contact us at or contact us here

Graham Smolenski - Group Managing Director 

Calibre Contracting Equipment






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