The new Calibre Sure-Grip has featured in the latest edition of the Australian Earthmoving Magazine! 

The Sure-Grip is a whole new design in every aspect and a complete step up from the JB Attachments’ Multi-Coupler series, which formed the basis of the JB Attachments’ Coupler range from 2008 until its name change to Calibre.
The much talked about Sure-Grip Coupler, which allows a quicker and more intuitive attach and detach process, represents the latest in quick-hitch technology and deals with many problems that vex operators with the older ‘current coupler’ technology.

Now, the release of the Sure-Grip Coupler is all the more momentous because Calibre’s Heli-Tilt and Ram-Tilt Couplers will now come equipped with the new Sure-Grip base – the next level of


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