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The simple design of the Sure-Grip Coupler incorporated with increased safety features makes it the leading coupler on the market today.

The Sure-Grip is manufactured with a dual locking connection and disconnection mechanism, making the process of changing attachments quick and intuitive. Increased safety aspects incorporated into the Sure-Grip ensures that attachments are securely engaged on both pins even in the event of hydraulic failure. 

Only requiring two hoses to connect to an excavator, Calibre’s Sure-Grip Coupler offers a much smoother operational with less moving parts and no requirement for greasing. There is improved cylinder pressure with hydraulics rated to 5100psi and no custom hydraulic requirements. Safety is paramount for Calibre's entire product range which is why the Sure-Grip has been designed and tested to handle 200% of rated Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) and is compliant with Australasian and International Safety Standards as well as all major contracting policies.

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Make It Simple, Make It safe, Make It Sure-Grip.

The simple design of Sure-Grip Coupler incorporated with increased safety features makes the Sure-Grip the leading coupler on the market today.

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NEW Three Year Warranty On All Calibre Attachments

We said we would be back bigger and better this year and we meant it.