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After years of extensive research, design and testing - Calibre has developed a full range of tilting couplers to suit every application out on the field. All of our tilting couplers are equipped with our latest quick hitch, the Sure-Grip Coupler and are fully compliant beyond the latest Australasian and International Safety Standards. Our full range of tilts includes; the Calibre Heli-Tilt, Ram-Tilt Coupler and now the award-winning newly released Toroidal Tilt Coupler. So, which Calibre tilting hitch will maximise your reliability, durability and performance?

The Heli-Tilt Coupler

With a tilt capacity of up to 180 degrees, the Heli-Tilt Coupler offers a low profile, lighter weight structure and greater breakout force efficiency compared to any actuator tilt on the market. Designed for work demanding rotating flexibility, the Heli-Tilt is renowned for its narrow configuration, making it ideal for working in confined and difficult spaces without compromising its strength and durability. The Heli-Tilt is fitted with the latest and most efficient actuator components which have been chosen specifically for their ability to meet the high quality, robust and light-weight design required for Calibre Heli-Tilt.

The Ram-Tilt Coupler 

The Ram-Tilt Coupler has a long and proven track record for reliability and durability especially when called upon in heavy duty applications. Incorporated into this coupler is the revolutionary Calibre Smart Valve - a system that dramatically improves responsiveness and control whilst stopping creep and chatter - all to ensure the attachment stays where the operator wants it.

The Calibre Toroidal Tilt Coupler

A patented toroidal actuator and the first in the world of its kind - the award-winning Toroidal-Tilt Coupler from Calibre is the first tilting coupler in history to incorporate twin ram displacement cylinders that are in fact curved or ‘bent’ - a design that has changed the way hydraulic rams are perceived in the industry. With improved holding force, easier serviceability and as superior breakout force efficiency - the Calibre Toroidal Tilt Coupler takes the tilting game to a whole new level.



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