Since 1994, the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards has been celebrating New Zealand's most successful, innovative and hi-tech companies. This year, Calibre’s Toroidal-Tilt Coupler is one of the finalists for New Zealand’s Most Innovative Hi-Tech Hardware Product!

Since its debut, the Toroidal-Tilt Coupler has been at the forefront of the industry - it is the first tilting hitch in history to incorporate curved ram technology. The Toroidal-Tilt is powered by a whole new patented circular hydraulic ram system developed by Calibre, a system which until now, has never been successful in the industry. 

Among its patented circular hydraulic ram system, the Toroidal-Tilt has a number of technologically advanced features including;

  • 100-degree tilt capacity
  • Smaller and more compact design reducing fuel costs
  • Constant torque at any output range ensuring maximum breakout force
  • A larger lifting power due to being hydraulic
  • Fewer moving parts making it easier to maintain
  • Easier serviceability - can be serviced and repaired whilst on the machine
  • Holds a sensitive touch response mechanism
  • Easier operational use
  • Front and rear locking coupler base
  • Fully certified lifting eye
  • Compatible with GPS systems
  • Compliant beyond the latest Australian safety standards


The winner of the Hi-Tech Awards will be announced on 25th May 2018.


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