Chairman’s Commentary

As Calibre changes its operational style to reflect modern industrial practices in an e-Commerce world, we wish to announce the reorganization of our customer sales and supply organization in Australia.
Most of our sales communication is now done through our e-Commerce network. The company has invested considerably in developing this e-Commerce programme and network over the last two years. It was a major part of the reason for the change of name from JB Attachments to Calibre Contracting Equipment Limited last year – JB Hifi well and truly controlling the “ JB” initials on the internet scene.
Over 80 percent of our interaction with our customer base is through our web based marketing and social media programmes. The majority of remaining 20 percent relates to supply and service matters, which end up being dealt with from our main Brisbane centre of operations.
Investment in state of the art Customer Relations Management systems now sees nearly all customer orders and supply being handled out of our Brisbane organization. The streamlining of freight delivery in Australia allows for prompt and efficient delivery of product direct to customers from overnight to next day in most cases.
In both New Zealand and parts of Australia we have been contracting out customer service and warranty work for some time now.  This has proved a great alternative to our increasingly under utilized service centres.
We have streamlined our customer sales team around our Brisbane operations where there is direct engagement with supply, service and product development issues.
These developments have seen our regional service centers decline in relevance. We experimented with the re-establishment of a dedicated service outlet in Sydney late last year and early this year.  The demand from the industry has simply not been there – with customers preferring to deal directly with our main center of operations in Brisbane.
In these days of modern e-Commerce communication, purchase and supply the cost benefit equation for the traditional supply service outlets in the States simply do not add up. Customers rarely use them these days. The tyranny of distance has disappeared with modern communications and supply chains. 
Closing regional service centres in New Zealand in late 2015 and focusing around our Auckland operations has resulted in increased customer interaction, more efficient service and positive customer feed back. 
As a consequence the decision has been taken to close both the Sydney and Melbourne outlets. This is effective immediately, although we do have a representative in Melbourne continuing for a period to assist in the total transition of what remaining work was handled in Melbourne to Brisbane. As customers in Sydney continued to work directly with our Brisbane centre we do not see the need to work on a similar transition.
We regret any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.

 Graham L Smolenski.

Group Managing Director.
23 August 2017.

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