The Toroidal-Tilt is the first tilting coupler in history to incorporate rams which are curved or ‘bent’. After more than ten years of development, Calibre has taken the Toroidal-Tilt to the market.

The Toroidal-Tilt is powered by a whole new patented circular hydraulic ram system developed by Calibre. Among its unique features, the Toroidal-Tilt holds;

  • Increased versatility from your machine
  • The ability to tilt 100 degrees (50 degrees each way)
  • A lower profile and lighter-weight structure which reduces fuel costs whilst increasing productivity
  • A more compact profile which is smaller than other tilting devices
  • Fewer parts making it easy to maintain
  • A sensitive touch response mechanism
  • Constant torque output at any tilt range allowing for precise operator control
  • A larger lifting power than other tilt devices
  • twin curved displacement cylinders that enables a uniform transfer of power throughout the turn cycle
  • the simplicity of hydraulic power to handle the rigours of the huge load forces encountered in the construction industry
  • A compact power to size ratio that cannot be matched by any other hydraulic tilting mechanism,
  • A compact power to weight ratio that cannot be matched by any other hydraulic mechanism.

Whilst the development of curved ram technology has been attempted in the past - particularly in the aerospace industry, there has been no successful development of a working model that we are aware of – let alone the development of a commercial use of such technology. The commercial implications range beyond Calibre’s use as incorporated in the Calibre Toroidal Tilt.

It represents a completely new technological advancement in the excavator industry. 


How does the Toroidal-Tilt differ from current style tilting hitches on the market?

When considering the current style tilting hitches on the market, there are currently two devices that come into the discussion: 

I. Straight Ram Tilt

Straight ram tilt hitches are powered by traditional straight-line rams, this includes tilting buckets. Our Calibre Ram-Tilt Coupler was the first double-ram design to be patented and developed in New Zealand, the tilting coupler works by means of straight rams on either side of a pivot.

II.  Actuator Tilt.  

The big breakthrough with tilting devices came with the introduction of the JB Helitilt (now Calibre) to the market in 2009. Pivoting around a mechanical actuator the Calibre Helitilt can swivel between 100 and 180 degrees, depending on the model. It is lightweight and compact compared to the ram tilt – and is very responsive to an operator command. The compactness and convenience of the Calibre Helitilt have dramatically increased the fitting of tilting devices to excavators throughout the world.

Meeting the ideal features in an excavator tilting hitch, the Toroidal-Tilt holds the compactness and flexibility of a mechanical actuator tilt as well as the strength and robustness of a hydraulic tilt - with fewer moving parts and easier serviceability.

Compactness and flexibility

One of the noticeable downsides of a straight ram tilt hitch is the large rams which stick out of the sides. They are bulky and are not ideal for working in confined spaces. The Toroidal-Tilt design is more compact - making it easier to work in situations where narrow configuration is essential. 

Serviceability and cost of maintenance

The negative with the actuator tilt being mechanical (akin to the internal workings of a gearbox in a car) is that they are far more complex and expensive to maintain and repair. Servicing of an actuator tilt is timely as the mechanism requires removal or servicing by a specialist in a workshop - whereas the Toroidal-Tilt can be serviced on-site on the machine. Since the Toroidal-Tilt is of a much simpler design, with less moving parts, there is a lower risk of breakdown. If a breakdown does occur, the Toroidal-Tilt is serviced on-site at a much lower cost than other tilting devices.

Furthermore, the Toroidal-Tilt has been manufactured to handle extremely demanding work far beyond the limitations of ram and actuator tilting devices.

With patented twin toroidal displacement cylinders, the Toroidal Tilt is the first in the world of its kind, the award-winning Toroidal-Tilt Coupler has changed the way hydraulic rams are perceived in the industry. 

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The Toroidal-Tilt is the first tilting coupler in history to incorporate rams which are curved or ‘bent’. After more than ten years of development, Calibre has taken the Toroidal-Tilt to the market.

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