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Calibre has a less than 4% failure rate across its full range of products. In most cases it is less than 2%.

We would like to see that at zero but we have to accept the realities of manufacturing – and the fact that we are an innovation and design lead company. It follows that there will be design failures from time to time.

This belies that fact that we are in an industry where our products take a constant hammering.

Failure in the field and the distress/annoyance it causes to our customers when it happens rates among the number one concerns in the company. As a rule we want that failed equipment back to nail exactly where the problem is.

As a consequence we have decided to cut through all the “warranty” issues business that goes on, with a policy that goes as follows;

If any attachment supplied by Calibre breaks down or fails within twelve months from the date of purchase Calibre will exchange it for a new one.

We have to add that it means exactly what it says. It does not mean that we will pay for the freight or any other direct or indirect loss of any kind that is associated with the failure or breakdown.

We have the confidence to do this, as we believe in our products, the quality of materials used, our manufacturing processes and our superior designs. We are putting a huge effort into making our products easily interchangeable and maintainable in the field. So it follows – nine times out of ten a swap out is not too much of a hassle.

To facilitate this we have service workshops in Australia and New Zealand.

Call for help and assistance from our service engineers at the appropriate locations displayed below.


Kevin Blake (Drummer)

Auckland Service Engineer

Phone: +64 9 278 4863 | Mobile: +64 21 244 1670

Address: 49 McLaughlins Rd, Wiri, Auckland 2104


Glenn Harford

Brisbane Service Engineer

Phone: +61 7 3803 9400 | Mobile: 0408 692 057

Address: 59 Magnesium Drive, Crestmead, Brisbane 4132


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