The Sure-Grip Coupler is the latest in quick hitch technology. Manufactured and designed with a front and rear locking mechanism. the Sure-Grip allows for a simple one-step connection and disconnection process - benefiting all in the industry. The quick and easy attach and detach mechanism to change working attachments is intuitive and robust.

With the requirement of only two hoses to connect to an excavator, Calibre’s Sure-Grip Coupler offers much smoother operational use with less moving parts and no requirement for greasing. There is improved cylinder operation pressure with hydraulics rated to 5100psi operating pressure and no custom hydraulic requirements. Safety is paramount for all Calibre's product range which is why the Sure-Grip has been designed and tested to handle 200% of rated Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) and is compliant beyond the latest New Zealand and Australian Standards AS4772-2008.

For more information on the Sure-Grip Coupler - click here.

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