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The Sure-Grip Coupler represents the latest in quick hitch technology, manufactured with a front and rear locking mechanism, the Sure-Grip allows for a one-step connection and disconnection process. Our Sure-Grip is compliant beyond the latest Australasian and International safety standards and is considered to be one of the safest couplers on the market today but don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself.



In the video above, our Sure-Grip Coupler is being filmed without the slide jaw engaged on the rear pin, meaning only the safety latch was holding the bucket. This demonstrates how safe and effective our Sure-Grip is.

The Sure-Grip Engagement Process



As part of the engagement process, the front safety latch automatically activates securing the front attachment pin inside the front jaw - this prevents any chance of the attachment falling off if the operator misses the rear pin. 

In the event of hydraulic failure or if the cylinder fails for ANY reason, the hook jaw profile combined with the compression spring ensures the rear attachment is retained on either side of the sliding jaw. Visual Indicators such as the front safety latch enables the driver to clearly see when the hitch is engaged and disengaged providing safety and peace of mind.

FULLY COMPLIANT: Compliant with the latest Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards, Australian Standard AS4772:2008, NSW Workcover WC01783, European Standard EN474-5 and ISO 13031: 2016 Earthmoving Machinery. 

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