Chairman’s Commentary

Last year, Calibre introduced to the market the new Sure-Grip Coupler – a new level of quick hitch technology and a complete step-up from the old MultiCoupler series which formed the basis in 2008.

Calibre’s quick coupler range is now fully based on its new Sure-Grip Coupler and from the beginning of this year, Calibre has been switching to the new Sure-Grip as the old MultiCoupler series phases out.

Calibre will continue to service the old MultiCouplers - but will no longer sell this version of the Calibre Coupler.

The new Sure-Grip Coupler represents the latest in quick hitch development, the safest simplest coupler - with reduced wear, no greasing requirements, less moving parts and a one-step, attach and detach process.

When introduced to the market in 2008, the MultiCoupler was the leader in automatic locking quick hitches with its front locking mechanism. Operators soon got used to the multi-step - lock on and lock off mechanism but over time, other less complicated mechanisms have emerged in the market place.

Further development saw the introduction of a rear locking slide to the MultiCoupler which complied with the new front and rear locking legislative requirements in NSW.

However, for some time, Calibre has been working on, trialing and testing a new simplified quick coupler to compliment its new age tilting and working attachment technology .The Calibre Sure-Grip Coupler is the result.

Gone are the days that operators have to go through a multi-step attach and detach process and the sheer simplicity of the Calibre Sure Grip overcomes many of the daily maintenance requirements of the old Multi Coupler and most quick couplers on the market today.

For Calibre, the farewell of the MultiCoupler marks the end of an old era operating as JB Attachments, whilst the name change to Calibre together with the simple sophisticated Sure-Grip ushered in the new age of upgraded Heli-Tilts, new curved ram technology, new robotic hand like grab rake systems and buckets all controlled by Smart Valve technology.

As excavators become more and more sophisticated with electro – hydraulic systems and GPS guidance systems, we at Calibre recognize the need for attachments to keep up with this era of emerging co-robotic excavators. Rugged is no longer good enough in this competitive environment as contractors seek to improve their bottom line profits.

Calibre will continue to look after our customers with service and maintenance of the MultiCoupler technology but going forward, we anticipate a move to the new and latest equipment.

Graham Smolenski

Group Managing Director


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