Auckland's major infrastructure and roading projects with the Heli-Tilt Coupler

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Bull Earthworkx

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Auckland, New Zealand

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14 Tonne ZX130

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"It’s narrow, strong and a robust bit of gear."

- Jason Bull of Bull Earthworkx

When Jason Bull first established Bull Earthworkx 15 years ago, he had no idea that his company would be taking on some of Auckland’s largest projects, especially alongside major construction companies, such as; Fulton Hogan and Downer.

Jason has used Calibre equipment since he first started, well before the name change from JB Attachments to Calibre. All of his late model machines are equipped with Calibre tilting hitches, quick hitches and tilt buckets, all set up to work in various applications.

The North Western-Motorway Extension project is just one of the many large construction projects that Bull Earthworkx has been a part of, Jason says, “The Calibre Tilt head works well here, we’re able to turn it around and use the bucket for all sorts of stuff.” he goes on to say, “We can use it for drainage, it's narrow enough to get down the trench, it’s strong and a robust bit of gear.”

Bull Earthworkx specialises in GPS technology with GPS systems set up on all of their machines, all compatible with the Heli-Tilt which has meant improved accuracy and control straight from the cab. Jason says, “We use the Heli-Tilts for everything we do. We’ve got GPS on our machines so they get wired in with the GPS on, so we can change between buckets, measure them, yeah it just works really well, there’s no undoing hoses or mucking around. It’s all nice, nice easy package.”

One of the noticeable improvements in precision and control is from his 5T machine set up with a Heli-Tilt Coupler. The Heli-Tilt has enabled a full 180-degree tilt capacity and is already improving efficiency, which is very important for them. He says,  “It’s really fast and really good, especially when changing buckets.”

Published - 01 Nov 2018
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