Civil Contracting and Drainage with the Sure-Grip Coupler

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Draeinail Construction

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Auckland, New Zealand

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20 Tonne ZX225

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"I like the new system, it’s straightforward and there’s no room for error"

- Joe Dorizac of Draeinail Construction

Civil Contracting companies such as Draeinail Construction rely on robust and efficient hitches that will stand up during the harsh working conditions they face on a daily basis, this is one of the reasons why Draeinail Construction has stuck with Calibre attachments since day one. 

All of their machines, 8T - 30T are set up with Calibre quick hitches, tilting hitches and buckets, with their most recent purchase being our latest one-step quick hitch, the Sure-Grip Coupler to suit their Hitachi ZX225. The Sure-Grip's new easy-to-use design offers the simplest of all dual locking mechanisms with a quicker and more intuitive attach and detach than any other coupler on the market today - a complete step up from previous multi-step quick hitches. 

We caught up with shareholder and operator, Joe Dorizac during a sewer line project in Auckland, New Zealand, the project is to service over 20,000 homes in the South Region of Auckland. With his new Sure-Grip and Wide Bucket on site, Joe takes us through a number of benefits he's experienced with his new hitch. 

Joe was quick to notice how fast and intuitive changing attachments is with the new one-step connection and disconnection process on the Sure-Grip. He says, “I do like the new system a lot more when it’s just the one activation, it makes it a lot smoother, it’s really good for us because as drain layers, we’ll be changing buckets every 20 minutes.”

Joe also notes that his new hitch has proven to be strong and robust. he notes, “It’s strong and robust, it gets a pretty hard run with us changing our buckets all the time and probably gets a lot more use than other contractors with us being drain layers. The hitch has lasted pretty well, we haven't had any issues with it changing all the time, I like that new system, it’s definitely quite straightforward, there's no room for error.”

Published - 12 Dec 2018
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