Commercial Development Projects with the Sure-Grip Coupler and Tilt-Bucket

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Scarbro Ltd

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Auckland, New Zealand

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20 Tonne Sunward SWE230E

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"The quick-hitch is simple off and on."

- Kevin White of Scarbro Ltd

Long established civil construction company, Scarbro Ltd have recently equipped their second Sunward SWE230E machine with a Calibre Sure-Grip Coupler and Tilt Bucket to assist with a commercial project in Mission Bay, Auckland.

Family business, Scarbro Ltd is renowned for their impressive business heritage which has been passed down through generations of the Scarbro family since the 1880s. Since established, the company has heavily expanded its services. Starting from just landscape, road and building works - the company now takes on large development, residential and commercial projects - including an extensive number of popular residential projects in Auckland Central.

One of Scarbro's longtime operators, Kevin White, shared with us how the Sure-Grip Coupler and Tilt Bucket have helped increase productivity on their machine and overall performance. The Calibre Sure-Grip and Tilt Bucket combination work hand in hand. Both attachments have been designed to work cohesively together, ensuring break-out forces are optimised, improving fuel economy and enhancing productivity - which is beneficial to both lightweight and heavy-duty attachments. 

After being extremely impressed with the Calibre Sure-Grip’s performance and ease of use, Kevin agreed to demo a 20T Calibre Tilt Bucket through the free Calibre demo program. After using it for just one day, Kevin already noticed the difference in durability and breakout force from the competing bucket which he was using beforehand. One feature which stood out for Kevin was the buckets twin ram displacement cylinders which are developed from high-grade steel to eliminate any risk of bending or breaking in harsh conditions. Kevin notes  “...the rams are a lot more solid…” he also found the combination of attachments has helped him complete the project quickly and more efficiently.

Published - 14 Dec 2017
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