Forming, shaping and battering work with the Heli-Tilt Performance Package

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Hamilton Asphalts

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Hamilton, New Zealand

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16 Tonne CAT 316F

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"It's probably the best I've come across so far."

- Wayne Sinclair of Hamilton Asphalts

Starting out as just a small asphalt placing company in 1996, Hamilton Asphalts has continued to progress as a company and now offers services in seven different areas of the earthmoving and construction industries.

After hearing nothing but positive feedback on Calibre’s attachments, business owner, Lance Hughs made the decision to purchase a Heli-Tilt Performance Package to sit on the end of his new CAT 316F machine. He hasn’t looked back since. 

We revently caught up with Hamilton Asphalts longtime operator, Wayne Sinclair onsite to see how the Heli-Tilt Performance Package performed. Wayne has been an operator at Hamilton Asphalts for over 10 years, starting off as just a roller driver, Wayne has worked his way up in the industry and knows a thing or two about operating heavy machinery.

The Heli-Tilt Coupler is renowned for its durability, compactness and rotating flexibility which Wayne has found beneficial for his forming, shaping and battering work. Wayne comments on the tilt of the Heli-Tilt ''the angle of it, you can scrap a wall with it if you need to..."

With the latest addition of the new Calibre Sure-Grip Coupler, the Heli-Tilt is all the more momentous as it adds a one-step connect and disconnection process making connecting attachments quick and intuitive. Wayne notes …’’it’s probably the best I’ve come across so far"

Watch the video above to see the Heli-Tilt Performance Package and see what else Wayne had to say!

Published - 24 Jan 2018
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