Greater Volume, Greater Productivity with the Calibre Wide Bucket

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Drinnan Contractors

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Auckland, New Zealand

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14 Tonne SK135SR

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"The Calibre Bucket holds a lot more dirt than our old bucket"

- Chris Drinnan of Drinnan Contractors

Simply switching from a competitors bucket to a Calibre Wide Bucket has saved money, time and increased productivity for a New Zealand drainlaying company. 

Owner of Drinnan Contracts, Chris Drinnan has had over 30 years experience in the earthmoving industry and has been recognized as a leading digging operator and drainlayer in the Rodney District. 

Chris has purchased a number of Calibre quick hitches, tilting hitches and tilt buckets over the years - with his most recent purchase being a Heli-Tilt Coupler set up on his SK135SR Kobelco alongside a competitors bucket.

Noticing that Chris wasn’t reaching maximum efficiency, we offered Chris a free two week trial of our Calibre Wide Bucket. He instantly noticed huge increases in both volume and productivity levels, mentioning, “On another 14, we had a [Heli-Tilt] on it which had another bucket from another make and Calibre brought up this new bucket which held a lot more dirt, this bucket was one less bucket load and one less round trip for us.”

Due to a number of Chris's jobs demanding rotating flexibility and confined work, the Heli-Tilt has been an ideal attachment for Drinnan Contractors, Chris also mentions, “I like the Calibre Heli-Tilt because it hasn’t got the hoses, it only has two grease nipples, it's got a good angle on it and its just easier and faster.” Chris says he has recommended Calibre attachments to everyone in the industry and won't have a machine without our hitch. 


Published - 11 Jul 2018
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