Major construction projects with Calibre Heli-Tilt and Ram-Tilt Couplers

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MWN Civil

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Auckland, New Zealand

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8 Tonne

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"When purchasing new machines, I always ask for Calibre"

- Mark Neilson of MWN Civil

‘Delivering outstanding outcomes’ - a standard that MWN Civil has stood by since first establishing in 2004 and one of the main reasons why the company has built the solid reputation it upholds today. 

MWN Civil has become a preferred subcontractor for Tier 1 contracting companies, assisting with high-profile projects across New Zealand. We caught up with proud owner and founder of MWN Civil, Mark Neilson to see why he has chosen to stick with Calibre since purchasing his first machine in 2005.

Mark explains that MWN Civil’s first and foremost priority is safety. When working on projects, he must adhere to stringent safety regulations and all of his hitches must comply. He says, “Having the double acting safety locks on Calibre quick hitches is a priority to us.”

Mark explains the need for versatile attachments that can withstand tough working conditions without needing repairs or replacing. In comparison to other brands, Calibre's high quality and robustness has exceeded his expectations, he says, ”Other brands don’t seem to be able to handle the work or stay as robust as Calibre equipment.”

Mark runs Calibre hitches, buckets and tilts on majority of his machines. He says he has no need for a new supplier and his operators love the equipment. 

As MWN Civil continues to deliver results, we are excited to see what the future holds for the company.

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Published - 05 Feb 2019
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