Increased versatility and productivity with the Heli-Tilt Coupler

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Tom's Toys Ltd

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Walkworth, New Zealand

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2 Tonne KX018-4 Kubota

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"The Heli-Tilt compliments the machine, making it hugely versatile in its operations"

- Tom Asthon of Tom's Toys Ltd

A question we’re often asked by our customers is whether to purchase a tilt bucket or a tilt hitch for their mini excavator. A common statement we hear is that a tilt hitch is too expensive for a mini excavator or that it isn’t worth the increased productivity as smaller machines are only used for minor infrastructure or drainage work. 

Tom Ashton, owner and founder of Tom’s Toys has witnessed the complete opposite for his 1.8T Kubota plumbed up with a Calibre Heli-Tilt and Wide Bucket. Tom says, "this machine forms a very integral part of our business, its one of our more versatile machines and is used most days on multitude types of work."

Prior to purchasing his Heli-Tilt, Tom’s Kubota was set up with a tilt bucket and quick hitch, a set up which was costing his business time and money, not to mention, effort just to switch over buckets. To change a bucket with his previous set up, Tom would have to dismount the machine, disconnect the hydraulic hoses and pull the pins out, “all of which took time and effort and it tended to mean that we wouldn’t change the buckets over when we should’ve”, he said. With his new Heli-Tilt integrated with a one-step hydraulic quick hitch, the Sure-Grip, Tom has the versatility to tilt and change over buckets effortlessly, all from inside the cab. 

With the addition of the 180-degree Heli-Tilt to his machine, Tom has noticed an immense increase in productivity and durability, saving his business time and money. Tom notes, “the Calibre tilt is compact, it's not too heavy so it's not loading up the front end of the machine, taking away from the ability to lift things with the machine.”

Published - 20 Nov 2018
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