Landscaping and Excavation with the Calibre Tilt Bucket

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Macpherson and Son

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Christchurch, New Zealand

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7 Tonne ZX75

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""They're light-weight but that doesn't compromise on strength.""

- Kevin Macpherson of Macpherson and Son

For over 20 years, Macpherson and Son has been a renowned landscaping company which specialises in all aspects of hard and soft landscaping and excavation in the wider Canterbury Region.

The company owns a total of 12 Calibre/JB Attachments, including; various quick hitches, a JB Multi-Grapple, a Single Ram Tilt Bucket and 3 Twin Ram Tilt Buckets, one of which was purchased in 2006 and is still going strong without any repair work, leaks or issues.

We caught up with owner and founder of Macpherson and Son, Kevin Macpherson to see why he has stuck with Calibre attachments for so long and to see if his attachments have lived up to his expectations out on the field. 

Kevin was ecstatic with the performance of his first Calibre/JB bucket which he purchased back in 2006, he says, “We’re still operating it today, we’ve not had any problems with it, we’ve replaced the cutting edge once but as far as the rams concerned, they’ve never shown any leaks or issues.” 

The reason why Kevin has chosen Calibre/JB buckets over competing brands is due to the robust design which has incorporated reduced material sticking, speeding up his productivity. Kevin also mentions, “I like the wedge shape of the bucket, it doesn’t collect and you don’t get a lot of buildup in them. They’ve just got a better feel for them. They’re also lighter weight but that doesn’t compromise on strength at all.”

When asked whether Kevin would recommend Calibre products to others in the industry, he says, "Well we’ve got about 12 of your attachments so I think that speaks for itself really. You seem to have the product, price is competitive and there's no breakdowns or repair work, we just keep going and that’s the biggest saver for us."

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Published - 27 Aug 2018
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