Major subdivision and road development projects with the Heli-Tilt Coupler

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Base Civil Ltd

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Te Awamutu, New Zealand

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20 Tonne Hitachi ZX 200

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"We’re achieving 10-20% more productivity just by having the Heli-Tilt on our machine"

- Paul Roberts of Base Civil Ltd

Since established in 2008, Base Civil Ltd has taken on a considerably large number of subdivision and road development projects. Working with both private organisations and local government clients, Base Civil is now a major roading contractor and prominent player in the subdivision market.

Base Civil run an impressive fleet of excavators, ranging from 5.5 ton to 25 ton - all of which have either a Calibre tilting hitch, Calibre quick hitch or Calibre bucket on them.

We caught up with founder and director of Base Civil, Paul Roberts during a residential project in Te Awamutu, New Zealand to discuss how Calibre attachments have kept up with productivity and consistency out on the field. 

Paul was very quick to comment on the accuracy and increases in productivity he’s experienced while having Calibre on his machine, he mentions “the products are very accurate, we’re able to cut to grade much quicker.” He also goes on to say, “ In terms of productivity, we’re achieving 10-20% more just by having it on the end of our machine.”

With over 22 years of experience in the civil construction sector, Paul has tried and tested a number of excavator attachment brands but none have outlasted Calibre. Paul mentions, “We tried a couple of other brands in my early days, we had some breakages with those and we haven’t had any issues with the Calibre products so we’ve stuck with it.”

Watch the video above to see his Hitachi ZX 200 with the Calibre Heli-Tilt in action and see what else Paul has to say!

Published - 14 Feb 2019
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