Assured safety, compliance and quality with the Calibre Heli-Tilt Coupler

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Mason Contractors

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Northland, New Zealand

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20 Tonne ZX200

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"We get good service and great products so I don’t see us changing."

- Lance O'Callaghan of Mason Contractors

Years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of civil construction, a highly efficient committed team with reputable time management are some of the qualities behind Mason Contractors success.


Lance O'Callaghan took over the company from Alan Mason in 2012. He led the company in a new direction, driving them to a higher level of success. Mason Contractors now hold an extensive fleet of heavy machinery which includes more than 20 excavators ranging from 2 to 20 tonne. 

The business philosophy behind Mason Contractors is to ensure projects are performed safely and completed on time. The right equipment has been an essential aspect of ensuring this philosophy is achieved, which is why Mason’s has stuck almost exclusively to Calibre equipment throughout the years. 

Calibre tilt hitches, quick couplers and buckets run on almost every single excavator on Mason Contractors’ fleet. With dual locking coupler mechanisms, robustness, assured safety and compliance, Calibre has been a brand they have been able to rely on.


Mason Contractors have always embraced the latest advancements of technology and they have reaped the huge benefits that come with it. Enabling GPS systems with the Calibre Heli-Tilt has improved their efficiency, accuracy and precision in all aspects of their work. 

Calibre has remained their preferred supplier due to designing and manufacturing attachments with the latest technological advancements, assisting with their business growth. 


Being such a high profile company on a range of large scale projects, Mason Contractors are often approached by other brands to use their equipment. Lance says, “We’ve had a few people try to convince us to go elsewhere but we’ve always stuck loyal to Calibre. There’s no reason to change, we get good service and good product so I don’t see us changing. 


Published - 04 Apr 2019
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