Ripping, stacking and logging trees with the Calibre Ram-Tilt

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R & L Drainage

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Otorohanga, New Zealand

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20 Tonne ZX225

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"I’ve stuck with you guys all the way, I’ve had a really good run with your hitches"

- Ross Pevreal of R & L Drainage

Maximising breakout force and machine performance with Calibre tilting hitches.

An important feature that we take into consideration is reducing the length/height of our tilting hitches, this allows for a shorter distance from the pivoting pin to the bucket pin - increasing breakout force on your machine and resulting in maximum performance. This is a feature that Ross Pevreal from R & L Drainage has found very beneficial for his business. 

Ross Pevreal has been in the business for over 21 years, during which he formed R & L Drainage, a renowned drainage and excavation business located in the wider Waikato Region. 

Ross has a total of seven Hitachi excavators, including; a ZX225, ZX130, four ZX120s and a ZX17 - all set up with Calibre tilting hitches. Ross says, “I bought a JB/Calibre tilt hitch when I first started out and I was really impressed with it. I’ve stuck with you guys all the way, I’ve had a really good run with your hitches”

Although the biggest benefit Ross has noticed with his Calibre hitches is the increased breakout power and machine performance, Ross says, “The reason why I've probably stuck with Calibre is the distance between the pins, for your breakout power. Calibre has the shortest one that I know of, in between your bucket pin and your pivoting pin, all of the other ones are at least 60 -100ml longer. It affects your breakout power."

For more information on R & L Drainage, visit their Facebook Page here.

Published - 16 Sep 2018
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