Six year old Calibre Heli-Tilt forming right-a-ways and building culverts

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Raglan Excavations

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Auckland, New Zealand

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14 Tonne SH130

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"Our oldest Calibre Heli-Tilt did over 20,000 hours"

- Rob Poolton of Raglan Excavations

When Rob Poolton, owner of Raglan Excavations was first recommended a JBA Power Tilt by AB Equipment - he was not expecting to sell the hitch with over 20,000 hours on it. Since then, he has never bought another brand. 

Rob has been in the industry for over 30 years. During his time as an owner/operator, he has purchased a variety of different tilting hitches, buckets and couplers. Before he was recommended Calibre products - Rob bought his hitches from a close competitor which he notes ‘’Were inferior products compared to the Heli-Tilts we’re using now.’’

Rob has a range of trucks, loaders and excavators, five of which have Calibre attachments on them. We visited Rob on-site to see how his oldest tilting hitch of ours was performing. Rob says ‘’This is the last of our old Heli-Tilt, it's six years old and it's never given us any trouble. It just had a service the other day and she’s back on the road again.’’ He also mentions that he recently bought two new machines, a Sumitomo SH80 and SH130. Both have been fitted with brand new Calibre Heli-Tilt Performance Packages.

When asked why Rob has chosen Calibre over other attachment manufacturers in the industry he says, "You’ve got an awesome backup service. Drummer, your service mechanic is just unreal. If we have a little problem, which doesn’t occur very often, Drummer will try and sort it on the phone for us and if he can’t do that, I can take it up to Auckland myself, drop it off and within in three days, I’ve got it back.’’ 

Rob highly recommends Calibre gear stating ‘’I think for anybody that’s wanting to get a decent, strong tilt, I wouldn’t go past Heli-Tilt. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the product. The backup, the sales, everything right from start to finish is great.’’

See the full interview and equipment in action in the video above.

Published - 09 May 2018
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