Tight access earthworks with the Calibre Heli-Tilt and Wide Bucket

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Manson Machinery Ltd

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Auckland, New Zealand

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2 Tonne Komatsu PC18MR

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"I couldn't believe how much more digger power the digger actually had"

- David Manson of Manson Machinery Ltd

What sets Auckland based excavation and earthworks company, Manson Machinery Ltd apart from its competitors is their ability to work in small and awkward areas where the majority of other contractors have difficulty reaching. 

Four years ago, owner of Manson Machinery Ltd, David Manson, bought his first ever tilt hitch - a Heli-Tilt Coupler. After witnessing a huge increase in productivity and uptime on his business, he purchased another Heli-Tilt Performance Package for his brand new Komatsu PC18MR. We decided to catch up with David on-site to see how both performance packages were going.

David mentions, "my favourite feature of the tilting hitches on both machines is the amount of time it saves me on a job and they're really strong. [I use] a rock breaker on both machines and have never had a problem, whereas a lot of other hitches wouldn't stand up to the wear and tear."

David finds that since putting the Heli-Tilt on the machine, the operators are getting a lot more done faster. He notes, "I'm getting a better productivity using the tilting hitch and I couldn't believe how much more digger power I had."

We asked David why he's chosen to stick with Calibre's excavator attachments over the years and he replied, "I just find with Calibre, dealing with them, they’re straightforward, no-nonsense, they’ve got a good product and it’s pretty good value for money."

See what else David had to say in the video above!

Published - 14 Jun 2018
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