Calibre Contracting Equipment (formerly JB Attachments) is in the construction, infrastructure and resource recovery industries. World famous for releasing the first ever Quick-Hitch Coupler in the 1980s, Calibre is looking to the new age of contracting equipment with ambitions to become a world leader in excavator attachments.

We specialise in the invention, manufacture and distribution of Quick Connection and Release Couplers (Quick Hitches), devices that allow attachments to tilt (Tilt Hitches) and working attachments (Buckets, Grabs, Rakes, Rippers) for excavators.

Formed in 2008 as JB Attachments, the company was the result of two engineering companies merging who had been in the industry since the 1950’s, operating in both NZ and Australia.

Our focus remains on increasing the performance of excavators, improvements to the user experience, minimal field maintenance and reduced operating costs.

The objective is to use high-quality engineering in transforming traditional excavator attachments into versatile combinations to develop the excavator robotic arm. Understanding the relationship and the deep cognitive “sense and feel” that expert excavator operators have for how an excavator works in line with attachments is the inspiration behind designing different ways that operators can maximise commercial performance and enhance their user experience.